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    Cross-stitched Microbes



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    Jeanne Moreau and Miles Davis, 1958. 

    Maya’s second Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1: originally broadcast 4th May 2013

    Track Listing…

    The Poet - “Rain On April” (Yves Le Groove Mix) [OT Records]
    Joe Stawarz - “Suiteb” [Soma Quality Recordings]
    [A]pendics Shuffle ft. Blakkat - “Heavy Burdens High” (Safeword Remix) 6.32 version [Adjunct Audio]
    Deep Guys - “Roomba” (Oceanic Mix)
    Francesco Rossi - “Paper Aeroplane” (Original Mix) 7.18 version [D:vision]
    Linus Quick - “There shall be light” (Mike Mass Remix) [Wayward Music]
    Black Dynamite - “Mother’s Love” [Fear Of Flying]
    Anonym - “I Can’t” [Vakant]
    Jordan Lieb - “Dreams From The Ghetto” [Superfreq]
    J. Wiltshire - Closer [Hypercolour]
    Nick Galemore - “Pt. I” [Kindisch]
    Maya Jane Coles - “Everything” ft. Karin Park (I/AM/ME)
    Rodriguez Jr. - “Satellite” [Mobilee]
    Nana K. - “Old’s Cool” [Red Eleven Recordings]
    Weltenwandler - “Departure” [Electrophil Records]
    Mad Us - “Hypnoze” (Luca Bear Remix) [Armonia]
    Riva Starr & Rssll - “Absence” (Adam Port Remix) [Snatch! Records]
    Marbert Rocel - “Small Hours” (Daniel Stefanik Remix) [Black Label 88]
    Paul Ritch - Asteroid (Original Mix) [Quartz Rec]
    Juliano Silva - 1000 Miles (Original Mix) [EON5]
    LPZ - Council Fonk
    Deetron - “Out Of My Head” ft. Ovasoul7 (KiNK Vocal Mix) [Music Man Records]
    Alex Piccini & Marka - “Suite Yourself” (Original Mix) [Amazing Records]
    Gianni Amoroso - No Matter How Far” (Original Mix) [Morning Mood Records]
    Sivesgaard - “In The Night” (BLOND:ISH Remix) [Eklektisch]
    Frederick Alonso - “96” (Tech mix) [Stab Recordings]
    Paul Mad - “Undes” (Alex Piccini remix) [Deep Beep Records]
    Ella Fitzgerald - “Blue Skies” (Maya Jane Coles Remix) [Verve]
    Knox - “Fault” [Last Night On Earth]

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    Mazzy Star - “Fade Into You” (by MisterBrightside)


    “I Can’t Afford To Be Skinny” says Glamorous Actress Raquel Welch

    True beauty includes a full figure.

    Ask for amazing Wate-On


    me on my way 2 steel yo gurl

    kate fagan i don’t wanna be too cool (by al-hajjaj the camel)

    Adelaide Hall at the Nightingale Club, London (1948) (by BFIfilms)

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